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Dinho's has been awarded by Michelin Guide, over three consecutive years, as the best restaurant that serves grilled meat cuts. The restaurant is also famous due to the reinvented feijoada - the meat cuts are separated from the stew, so the clients are able to enjoy the dish buffet style.

Dinho's Buffet

Grand Buffet Dinho's

You can try our best meat cuts, salads and side dishes. On monday, tuesday and thursday: lunch and dinner time. On sunday: only at lunchtime. On wednesday and saturday: only at dinner time.


A premiada feijoada do Dinho's. Às quartas e sábados no almoço. Peça também para viagem.

Fish and crustaceans

You need to try clams, prawns, lobsters, salmon and other seafood from the restaurant prepared with Dinho's incredible recipes.

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Dinho's gift card is a voucher (for one person or for a couple) that is perfect to give to a loved person or to enjoy the fine menu of the restaurant. Buy a gift card to be Vip. For additional information and prices:

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