The traditional restaurant in Sao Paulo

Fuad Zegaib, mr. Dinho, has a special journey that is unique and filled with special moments. Visionary, he acquired respect and admiration of clients and friends thanks to the effort to make his dreams come true. This amazing story begins in 1960, when he opened Dinho’s Place, at Alameda Santos, in Sao Paulo. Keeping humility and serenity in the first place, Fuad studied the secrets of the great gastronomy, always had the best ingredients by his hand, helped the chefs to make the greatest dishes and always listened to his clients to know their critics, suggestions and complements. These elements made him acquire the best results and always be the first choice of his clients.

As the backbone of the family, the restaurant is part not only of Zegaib’s story, but the city itself. Despite financial crises, technological advances and trends, Fuad has always kept true to his proposal: to deliver high-level cuisine to traditional families and businessmen who work in the neighborhood. No wonder Fuad brought the steakhouse concept to the national market. He also created the famous “bife de tira” (sliced picanha in a cross-section cut) and promoted the Prime Rib, a special cut between the ox’s fifth and twelfth rib). Nowadays, the restaurant remains a great feature in Sao Paulo thanks to its menu, full of noble meat cuts, some of it known all around the world. Awarded by the Michelin Guide, for two consecutive years, as the best meat restaurant, Dinho’s is also known for its traditional reinvented feijoada – the meat cuts are separated from the stew, so the clients can enjoy the dish buffet style.

In order to offer the best to his clients, Dinho and his son have studied and developed ideas to make their restaurant even greater. Together, Fuad and Paulo combined tradition and experience along with modernity and youth. Therefore, Paulo picks very carefully the ingredients, keeps tight control of the dishes and still manages Dinho’s new project: Academia da Grelha (The Grill’s Academy). Along with him, Fuad runs the family business, listens and talks to people and strives to offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience to his clients. Would you like to be a part of this amazing story? Well, come on in, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the restaurant’s tradition – almost 60 years of strength and determination.

The founder

Dinho, as his closest friends know him, has always had innovation and entrepreneurship as his main goals in life. Aligning will power, intelligence and charisma, he transformed the Brazilian gastronomic scene with one of the best restaurants in the country.

The innovator chef

Entrepreneur and chef, Paulo Zegaib was born and raised on Dinho's. That's why he has always been surrounded by inspirational people - who helped him to follow his career on gastronomy. He started working with his father at 15 years old and his parental support helped him to study culinary in France - where he was an intern on Accor. To develop his abilities, Paulo has also lived in Italy, where he worked in many restaurants. When he came back to Brazil, he opened his first restaurant, Rose Bif Steakhouse, in 1989. After that, he opened other restaurants: Narciso, Público and Casa Pizza. Nowadays, Paulo Zegaib manages Dinho's kitchen.

The crew

The restaurant has a special crew made of the greatest professionals. They are part of the family since the beginning of it and they always encourage the good relationship between all of them. Dinho’s counts on the best chefs, maîtres and waiters of Sao Paulo to make your experience the best it can be. Without the crew, all of this would not be possible.

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